Results: Crowdsourcing the Analysis of UAV Video Feeds for Disaster Response

Many thanks to the ~100 Digital Jedis who participated in the MicroMappers AirVideo Simulations last week! At one point during the simulations, we had some 30 digital volunteers clicking on areal videos at the same time, resulting in an average of 12 clicks per second for more than 5 minutes. In fact, we collectively clicked on the videos a total of 49,706 times! This provided more than enough real-time data for MicroMappers to act as a human-intelligence sensor for disaster damage assessments. In terms of accuracy, we had about 87% accuracy with the collective clicks. Here’s how the simulations looked like to the UAV pilots as we were all clicking away:

Here’s the proportion of Clicks that MicroMappers received over time for the above videos:


Thanks to all this clicking, we can export only the most important and relevant parts of the video footage while the UAV is still flying. These snippets, such as this one and this one, can then be pushed to another MicroMappers Clicker for further verification. These animations are small and quick, and reduce a long aerial video down to just the most important footage.

Many thanks again to all the Digital Jedis who supported and who have already provided us with some excellent and invaluable feedback on how to improve the AirVideo Clicker. Please keep this feedback coming, it truly is very helpful and will really help improve the Clicker. 

And last but certainly not least, big thanks to Elliot and Gopal from the University of Southampton for making these simulations possible and for kindly sharing the above results. We’re already talking about next steps for further and future collaboration. For example, once we’ve improved the Clicker based on your feedback, we’d like to really broadcast the videos to MicroMappers live from a flying UAV somewhere in the world. So stay tuned!

With gratitude,
QCRI Team (Patrick & Ji) & Southampton Team (Elliot & Gopal)