At the World Humanitarian Summit

We are delighted to be one of 100 Innovations featured at the inaugural World Humanitarian Summit this week in Istanbul. Our team is here to demonstrate the power of connecting research and community. See the announcement in the Qatar Tribune.


With your volunteer efforts and our partner’s expertise, we created a suite of tools combining machine learning (AIDR) and human computing/microtasking (MicroMappers). As MicroMappers you tend to only see the ‘clickers’ used to tag data. One of the software engines behind this is AIDR. Now, the original name was Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Response. Today we are pleased to advise you that our new slightly modified name is: Artificial Intelligence for Digital Response. We still aim to serve the humanitarian community and our partners. The name change is in recognition that we serve other types of emergencies beyond natural disasters.

We would like to thank the United Nations for the Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the Standby Task Force, Translators without Borders and GeoThings for their expert contributions.

Launching our new branding:

On this occasion, we are very pleased to share our new branding and product names.


MicroMappers is a crowdsourcing platform for consuming & classifying news (GDELT), images, youtube, aerial imagery, satellite imagery.


AIDR is a platform for collecting & classifying Twitter/SMS automatically. This tool uses natural language processing and machine learning to aggregate large datasets  to suit your criteria. Our team updated the new AIDR website ( with new features on the way.

About the Science

Over the past years, we have deployed for a number of emergencies. All the while we have been improving the innovative science behind the “map” and “clicks”.  The  core science includes:

  • Algorithms for hybrid intelligence/computation-based analysis of social media, aerial imagery & video
  • Self-learning models for types of deployments or activations.

Thanks again to each of you for making a difference to communications during humanitarian emergencies.

We would also like to extend a big thank you to Esi Ofli for the new designs and to our tech team at Metacube for the timely delivery.




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