Calling All Digital Jedis: Support Damage Assessments in Nepal

UPDATE (April 30): One final sprint, Digital Jedis. We’ll be phasing out the Tweet and Image Clickers at 10pm Nepal time today (Thursday).  Please click on the “CLICK HERE” links below to complete the mission. We’ll see you at the finish line!

UPDATE (April 29): More than 2,100 Digital Jedis have Clicked through more than 60,000+ images and tweets. This has resulted in 500+ relevant disaster pictures and crisis tweets displayed on the live Crisis Maps (click on Maps tab above to view maps).  To support these efforts, click on the “CLICK HERE” links below. Thank you!

UPDATE (April 27): More than 1,200 Digital Jedis have thus far Clicked through a staggering 30,000+ images and 7,000+ tweets. This has resulted in 300+ relevant pictures of disaster damage displayed on the Image Crisis Map and over 100 relevant disaster tweets on the Tweet Crisis Map. We expect to deploy the Aerial Clicker soon to crowdsource the analysis of high-resolution aerial imagery from Nepal in collaboration with the Humanitarian UAV Network and professional UAV teams. To support these efforts, click on the “CLICK HERE” links below. Thank you!

UPDATE (April 26): The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has now officially activated MicroMappers. If any of the Clickers below display a message that they are 100% complete, please come back in an hour as more tweets & pictures are being pushed to MicroMappers around the clock. Please note you can access use the MicroMappers smartphone app to volunteer. Click for iPhone and for Android

A devastating earthquake has struck Nepal. Our humanitarian partners are mobilizing in response to this tragedy. Preliminary conversations with our United Nations colleagues and contacts on the ground suggest that a deployment of MicroMappers is needed and will be formally requested by the UN very soon. So we’re deploying now in order to speed up the disaster damage assessment efforts. More specifically, MicroMappers is being deployed to analyze both tweets and pictures for evidence of damage & needs. Here are the links:

CLICK HERE for the MicroMappers Tweet Clicker 

CLICK HERE for the MicroMappers Image Clicker 

Please click on the “Maps” tab above to view the initial results as they come in.


Note: You may see many identical pictures in the Image Clicker, we know this is an issue, which is why we are looking to automatically filter out duplicate pictures in the future.

Thanks for your patience and thank you for supporting these digital humanitarian efforts in Nepal. Even a few minutes of volunteering will go a long way. And if you don’t have time to help at the moment, then simply recruit friends and family by sharing the link to No prior experience is necessary to be a Digital Humanitarian. Also, the Clickers include simple tutorials to help you get started and a chatroom in case you have any questions.

Thanks for caring,

Patrick & MM Team

Note: MicroMappers is a QCRI initiative in partnership with UN/OCHA and the Standby Task Force.


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