Coding is Cool – MicroMappers in Qatar

Ji Kim Lucas presenting MicroMappers (Coding is Cool)

Students are the future! What if MicroMappers was used by students around the world? We see a great opportunity to use these MicroMappers for local community resilience and environmental insights. The MicroMappers team at Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) recently shared a software demo and the story of global community efforts at this week’s event Coding is Cool. The special event, co-hosted by QCRI and MIT CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) (, included over 80 students from Doha schools. Ji Lucas, Senior Software Developer for MicroMappers, and Heather Leson, Program Manager for Social Innovation, explained our vision to use MicroMapper’s Aerial Clicker to track animals and coastal pollution in Qatar. This idea is at the beginning stages, but we were provided some aerial imagery of the beaches around Al Khor (Qatar).

In this brief video created by Ji, includes a silent demo of how MicroMapppers works and some images from global humanitarian responses and local Qatari beaches:

JI training at Coding is Cool (Doha)

Thanks to all the students for your questions! We look forward to doing more in person events and activities in Doha.


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