MicroMappers Vanuatu Response Completed

Thank you to all the MicroMappers for all your efforts to identify tweets/images to provide insights for Rapid Damage Assessments. We would also like to thank our partners: Qatar Computing Research Institute (Ji, Patrick and Imran) Standby Task Force (especially Justine and Peter) and UN OCHA. Our response was also aided by the great work of GDELT, thanks Kalev Leetaru and team. All your efforts contributed to the effort to support humanitarians. While our task is closing, the Humanitarian’s work to rebuild and support begins. Our thoughts are with the affected citizens of Vanuatu and their supporters.

MicroMappers Deliver for Vanuatu Response:

Almost 400 MicroMappers tirelessly reviewed almost 20,000 items over 4 days, tagged and sorted through a virtual haystack of information. We have two types of MicroMapper clickers: Image and Image Geo-location. Each item is reviewed at least 3- 5 times to help curate the items that are most accurate and applicable to this response. Some statistics on the volumes:

  • Image clicker task : 4803 tasks (items to review)
  • Image clicker clicked : 19481 clicked
  • Image clicker users : 297
  • Image geo clicker task : 3122 tasks
  • Image geo clicker clicked : 2652 clicked
  • Image geo clicker users : 102


MicroMappers Vanuatu Map and Data

The MicroMappers Vanuatu response provide unique digital insights to support the UN OCHA’s Rapid Damage Assessment. This, in turn, will hopefully help them as they make decisions to aid the affected people. While we can’t deliver aid, we can be virtual ambassadors. With almost 400 participants, they successfully mapped 1035 images of the affected areas. MicroMappers Vanautu Map Thanks again to evevryone who contributed to these efforts. Stay tuned for more details about the next stages of MicroMappers.


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