Calling All Digital Jedis: Support UN Disaster Assessments for Cyclone Pam

Cyclone Pam has been called the worst natural disaster in the history of Vanatu. A Category 5 disaster, Pam’s winds peaked at 250 km/h (155 mph) on March 14th, devastating Vanuatu‘s many islands.


The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has just activated MicroMappers to support the UN’s rapid damage assessment efforts in the wake of this major disaster. Our task is to identify pictures and videos that show disaster damage. Those that show the most damage will then be added to our MicroMaps. You can get started right now:

CLICK HERE for Image Clicker <— Open for tagging

CLICK HERE for Video Clicker <— Please Standby

Note that you may see a number of images/videos appear more than once. This is normal but rest assured we are looking into automated ways to avoid duplicates. These pictures and videos are coming from both social media and mainstream media reports. The images and videos that we tag as showing disaster damage will be added to MicroMaps like these. They will not always show disaster damage, which is why we’re using MicroMappers: to quickly identify those pictures and videos that do show damage in order to support the UN’s disaster damage assessments. 

If you’re new to MicroMappers, no worries at all, you don’t need any prior experience to become a Digital Jedi. Simply click on the link(s) above and follow the tutorial. If you click “Like” on a Facebook picture or video, then you can be a Digital Humanitarian.



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