Early Results of our Digital Expedition to Namibia

Many thanks to all of you for joining the wildlife challenge in Namibia! Some 500 digital rangers from dozens of different countries participated in the expedition. Together, you analyzed 98% of the 25,000+ UAV images within the first 48 hours of the challenge! We had planned to extend the challenge by several days if need be but your overwhelming response and enthusiasm means we were done early! Bravo! : )

                chato tweet

We’re now reviewing all the shields with our ranger friends in Namibia and will share the results of the expedition with you in the near future. In the meantime, if you have suggestions on how to improve the Aerial Clicker, feel free to add your feedback here along with any tidbits about yourself, fun anecdotes, surprising observations, interesting experiences, new insights, etc. For example, the above tweet (picture) was neat to see and we also received this very kind note from one digital ranger:

“I donate to National Geographic and also make purchases that benefit conservation of land and the animals that inhabit them […]. It was always my dream to go to Africa to help the wildlife in any way I could, but realistically that is not possible for most.  So thank you so much for helping me to participate in this program, and giving us, the public, an opportunity to help, hopefully this can be another step towards stopping the Poachers.”

Many thanks again to all of you for your important contributions!! We know that several schools participated in this challenge as well, so thank you to all the teachers and students who helped to make this expedition a resounding success! We will post the results here in the near future along with words from our friends at the Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve. For more on the challenge, please see previous posts below.

We hope to launch another MicroMappers Challenge for a humanitarian project in the Philippines later this year. So if you’re interested, then be sure to add yourself to the MicroMappers list-serve.



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