Live: Crowdsourcing the Search for Namibia’s Wildlife 

Many thanks to all of you who have signed up to search and protect Namibia’s beautiful wildlife! We’re now ready to begin our digital expedition. But before we do, please be aware that our shield strategy has changed. Our shields should not touch the animals or their shadows:


Instead, please draw your shields slightly larger than the animals and their shadows, like below. This is very important. Thank you! 

MM Yes

The wildlife reserve is huge! So you’ll need to be persistent and look through many images if you want to find the animals. But please don’t worry if you don’t see many. Knowing where there are no animals is just as important to the rangers in Namibia. If you’re not sure whether what you see is an animal, draw a shield anyway just in case. Note: This is the first time we are testing the Aerial Clicker, so please be patient with us if everything doesn’t work perfectly during this first test, thank you. We’ll be sure to update you via this website if any major issue comes up. (If you’re just joining us now for the first time, then please read this for background).

In the meantime, if you have any questions during the expedition or simply want to hang out with fellow digital rangers, we have our own chat room here (look for Justine and Peter if you need guidance).

Remember, this expedition has two goals: (1) to look for wild animals, and (2) to test this new “Aerial Clicker” before we actually use it in response to a humanitarian disaster. This means that the tool is not perfect. We’re doing this pilot so we can test and improve the Clicker. So thank you very much for your patience if the Clicker does not (yet) work as well as we’d like. Your feedback is super important for future humanitarian applications, so feel free to share your suggestions here.

MM Impala

Finally, and most importantly, we want to make sure that the time and effort you put in as a digital ranger really helps our ranger friends in Namibia, so be sure to carefully read the tutorial, which you’ll find in the second link below. Keep in mind that most animals will be very small (like the impalas in the picture above). Make sure not to overlook them, each impala counts! Remember to use the zoom function to get a closer look. (We count at least 9 impalas in the above picture). So please take your time when analyzing the images. This is not a race. We want to show the world that digital rangers are very good at finding every animal possible. Lastly, we recommend using desktops or laptops (rather than tablets) during the expedition and be sure to create your profile here so you can keep track of how many images you’ve found!

And now, here’s the link to the Aerial Clicker!

Thank you, and good luck with the search!


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