Click Here to Become a Digital Humanitarian!

We’ve been busy upgrading MicroMappers since our latest deployment with the United Nations in response to Typhoon Yolanda. Many thanks to all of you who volunteered your time as digital humanitarians. Your clicks helped the UN better understand the extent of the damage in record time. And thanks also for the invaluable feedback you kindly shared with us so we can improve the Clickers.

We’ve since purchased a high-end server to make sure the Clickers run faster, which you noted was important. In addition to the Tweet and Image Clickers, which we used during the Philippines deployment, we now have a Video Clicker and almost all of the Geo Clickers are ready to be deployed. You can learn more about these here. We’re also partnering with colleagues in Taiwan to develop simple smartphone apps for MicroMappers, available for both the iPhone and Android. That way, you’ll be able to click while on the go, which was another request you made in your feedback. So stay tuned for the launch of the apps.

In the meantime, check out the media coverage of MicroMappers and remember to click here if you want to know when humanitarian organizations need your help. Thank you! : )

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